Say Hello to 5 “New” Features in Your Free Account


Losing weight is hard. Gaining weight or muscle is hard. Even maintaining your weight can be hard! (Doesn’t seem fair, does it?)

Everyone here at Eat This Much knows what a challenge it can be to reach diet and nutritional goals. We also believe EVERYONE should have access to the tools and resources that make it easier to crush those goals.

With this in mind, we moved five features from Premium to Free. Now everyone can benefit from a broader ETM service; one that provides more support than ever. Here’s a rundown of the new features you’ll get when you sign up for a free ETM account:


Everyone has a calendar. Not only can you plan an entire day of meals, the calendar is an excellent way to track exactly what you’ve eaten, which brings us to…






The “I Ate This” button. Clicking this next to any meal you ate will automatically track it in your calendar and keep that meal where it is if you want to regenerate the rest of your day.





You can track “Your Stats and Progress.” This feature gives you the history of your caloric, macronutrient and micronutrient intake based on your meal plans so you can adjust it as needed or bask in the pride of sticking to your plan.






Use the Restaurant Meal Search when dining out. Restaurant food can quickly derail your diet plan, but this search identifies healthy and on-target foods at local eateries. Just enter your location, or the name of a specific restaurant and presto! A list of possible meals at local restaurants that fit your targets.






Alternative Meals make planning easier. Instead of clicking “Regenerate” over and over again to find a meal you like, just use the “List Alternative Meals” option under the “More” button to see a list of meals that fit your targets.

If you haven’t seen these new features yet, log in and try them out! We want to know how they’ve impacted the way you plan meals and work toward your goals, so tell us about your ETM experience in the comments below.

For even more meal planning awesomeness, our Premium Accounts still offer super useful and valuable features, like week long meal plans, grocery lists and leftover management. Now’s the time to upgrade your membership while our Winter Sale is still going on.