Don’t Miss Our Big Summer Sale


Summer is finally here! (At least for us in the northern hemisphere…) And that means it’s time for our Summer Sale!

For the next two weeks, we’re dropping the price of our Premium Membership by 20% on both our Monthly and Annual subscriptions. If you go for the Monthly subscription, it’s only $7.20 for your first month, but if you get a full year membership for only $47, that’s less than $4 a month for the entire premium suite of meal planning features.

Think of it this way – you could easily spend WAY more than $7.20 on one trip to a fancy coffee shop, but instead, you’re investing in a healthier you! Planning your meals around healthy diet goals not only improves your physical health, it can save you money in the long run by reducing food waste and trips to the grocery store.

The real advantage of Eat This Much Premium comes from these exclusive features:

Week Long Meal Plans – Knowing exactly what you’ll be eating throughout the week makes it much easier to plan, shop and cook your meals on your schedule.

Leftovers – Eating a better diet doesn’t require cooking every day, and why should it? Our Leftovers feature reduces the time you spend in the kitchen by planning more than one meal out of each recipe, so what you cook tonight can also take care of lunch tomorrow.

Grocery Lists and Pantry Management – Having a complete list of ingredients for all your recipes makes shopping a breeze, and with the Pantry feature, you can base your meal plans on what you already have in the kitchen.

Instacart Grocery Delivery – Save the trip to the grocery store with Instacart Grocery Delivery. Your grocery list is automatically updated to match your meal plan, so with just one click, your list is sent to Instacart and your groceries could be at your doorstep in as little as one hour.

When you add these features to the calendar tracking, restaurant meals, custom recipes, budget planning, and more, found in our Free Membership, you get a complete meal planning system that is perfectly customizable to your diet and fitness goals.

Get your Eat This Much Premium membership today! Summer Sale ends on July 15th!