Eat This Recipe: Unboring Oatmeal


Much like lentils and cauliflower, oatmeal can get a bad rap as being boring or unappetizing. These three recipes prove otherwise. Oatmeal is a versatile grain, full of fiber, and while it can be great by itself, it plays very well with both sweet and savory flavors. Since it’s packed with soluble fiber which is effective at lowering  LDL cholesterol levels, oatmeal is a smart choice for anyone concerned about their heart health.

Oats typically come in instant, old-fashioned (rolled) and steel cut varieties, the three types describing a scale of how much processing the oats have gone through to quicken cooking time. Instant oats receive the most processing, making them the flattest and fastest cooking, and therefore good for fast preparation and blending into smoothies. Old fashioned oats receive slightly less processing which gives them more texture and makes them ideal for baking. The steel cut oat is simply cut into a few pieces giving it a chewier and more dense texture, which makes it a perfect stand alone grain. Lastly, there’s the oat bran, which is the outer hull of the oat grain, and the source of a ton of fiber, protein and nutrients. It’s often removed during the production of oatmeal, but it shouldn’t be ignored – eating oat bran can keep you feeling full and satisfied long after your meal is over.

Try these three recipes as a part of your weekly meal plan to see how unboring oatmeal can be.

Nutritional info: One serving = 30.5g Carbs, 23.8g Fat, 15.4g Protein, 396.3 Calories

Maple Walnut Protein Muffin

Nutritional info: One serving = 13.6g Carbs, 7.2g Fat, 16.1g Protein, 175.8 Calories

Skinny Overnight Oats

Nutritional info: One serving = 35g Carbs, 9.3g Fat, 5.6g Protein, 230.8 Calories