Introduction to the Eat This Much Tutorial Series


Welcome to the first installment of Eat This Much tutorials! This series is designed to give you quick access to demonstrations of how to do just about everything on Eat This Much.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “But, you already have a Complete How-To Guide and walkthroughs for your desktop and mobile versions… why bother with this?”

Frankly, we know you’re short on time and want to become an expert at using Eat This Much as quickly as possible. Our Complete How-To Guide is well worth the read, but if you want to know exactly how to adjust your nutritional targets right now, this series is the answer. We also wanted to level out the learning curve so you can start using all our features sooner to create healthy, nutritious and goal oriented meal plans.

In short, your success is our success, so we’re going to keep working hard every day to help you reach your diet and nutritional goals.

This first installment of tutorials covers the 10 most useful features found in our free accounts. This library of tutorials will grow as we create new ones and introduce new features to Eat This Much. Coming soon – Tutorials for features found exclusively in our premium accounts.

As always, we love hearing your suggestions and questions, so if you want to see a tutorial that isn’t listed below, or just want to say hi, please email us at

Eat This Much Tutorial Series Table of Contents

Tutorial #1: Set Your Weight Goal and Personalize Your Food Preferences

Tutorial #2: Editing and Creating Your Nutrition Target Profiles

Tutorial #3: Getting Meals You Like, Part 1: How to Regenerate Meals, Favorite and Block Foods

Tutorial #4: Getting Meals You Like, Part 2: Add a Recurring Food

Tutorial #5: Getting Meals You Like, Part 3: How to Add Custom Recipes and Foods

Tutorial #6: Editing and Creating Custom Meal Types

Tutorial #7: Time Savers – Listing Alternative Meals & Dragging Foods

Tutorial #8: Tracking What You Eat and Your Progress

Tutorial #9: Finding and Adding Restaurant Meals

Tutorial 10: Family and Couple Meal Planning



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Janaa U

Thank you – the tips for planning for two people with different targets helped me out. My husband eats more than I do, so we set up our plans for my targets, and then he eats an extra grilled cheese most nights.

Janaa U

Are you guys planning to expand the family meal planning features? My husband would be willing to pay for a second account if we could tell it what meals we’re eating together

Louis DeMenthon

Glad to hear the tutorials were helpful!

We definitely want to expand the family meal planning features, but it might be a little while. We’re working on getting the meals more consistently likable at the moment, and then we’ll think about doing couples and family meal planning. Hopefully soon!


Thanks for the tutorials! I’m looking forward to becoming a more sophisticated user. What do you call your users? Eat This Muchers? Eat This Muchians? Eaters of This Much?