The Eat This Much 8 Part Guide to Mastering Meal Planning


It’s true that Eat This Much makes meal planning MUCH simpler than figuring it out on your own, but even with our meal generator, healthy recipes, food bank and countless helpful features, there’s work to put in if you want to reach your diet and nutritional goals. Weight loss takes effort. Gaining muscle takes effort. Even maintaining your weight while not eating crappy foods takes some effort.

With this in mind, we offer everyone who signs up for an account with us a little guide to get them motivated and moving on the right path toward diet success. We call it the “8 Part Series on Mastering Meal Planning” and to date it’s been sent to thousands of Eat This Much users who wanted extra support as they embarked on their new meal plan.

When read in order, and over the course of a month, this series provides timely advice for challenges and setbacks many face when changing the way they eat. Cravings, lack of motivation, and wanting to give up are all perfectly normal responses to an adjusted diet. This guide helps you get around all of that.

As of today, we made the entire guide available here on the Eat This Much blog to help make eating better easier for everyone.

How you use the guide is completely up to you. Whether you choose to read all 8 chapters in one day or space it out over a few weeks, the nutritional insight and encouragement will serve you well. As always, you can email us with questions, feature requests, or just to say hello at We love hearing from our users and wish everyone the best of luck reaching their diet goals.

If you’ve already read the entire series, which part helped you the most? Tell us in the comments!

The Eat This Much 8 Part Series on Mastering Meal Planning

Part 1: Pick a Plan and Stick to It

Part 2: A Well Known Trick Among Athletes and Bodybuilders

Part 3: Strategies to Eat the Way You Want

Part 4: The Power of Self-Observation

Part 5: Efficiently and Economically Using Your Time

Part 6: Set Goals You’d Be Embarrassed to Miss

Part 7: Keep Chugging Along! (Tips to Make It Work)

Part 8: You Did It!