Eat This Recipe: Cauliflower


At what point did cauliflower get a bad reputation? Maybe it was the boring, plain way it was presented to us as kids. Regardless, cauliflower is anything but boring when you consider how versatile it is. When ground down into a “rice” it can be used as a healthy substitution for flour and grains. These recipes prove that cauliflower isn’t just broccoli’s bland, colorless cousin. It’s a solid addition to your kitchen repertoire, especially if you’re going low carb. Add these recipes to your weekly meal plan and tell us which is your favorite!

Basil Tomato Cauliflower Pizza

Nutritional Info: One serving = 6.6g Carbs, 9.5g Fat, 11.4g Protein, 154.4 Calories

Cauliflower Tots

Nutritional Info: One serving = 18.9g Carbs, 8.5g Fat, 11.1g Protein, 189.2 Calories

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Nutritional Info: One serving = 14.7g Carbs, 5.3g Fat, 8.5g Protein, 129.1 Calories