8 Ways You Can Incorporate Eating Healthy Into Your Diet Meal Plan


If you’re just getting started with the concept of healthy eating, at times it can feel a little overwhelming. Where do you start? How can you ensure that you are giving your body just what it needs to be healthy, fit, and for you to feel confident?


Rather than doing a complete diet overhaul, which will only get very frustrating for many people, consider making small changes here and there. By looking at the various ways that you can incorporate eating healthy into your diet meal plan, you can get on track to results.

And the best part is you’ll hardly even notice the changes.

Let’s look at eight things that you should start doing immediately.

1. Add Vegetables To Every Meal


The first fast and easy way to make sure you’re eating healthy is to start by including at least one vegetable with each meal you prepare.

Having eggs for breakfast? Add a few diced peppers to your omelet. Serving grilled chicken for lunch? Steam some broccoli to go with it.

Even during your snacks you can serve a few chopped carrot sticks for added nutrients and fiber.

Vegetables should be a part of every healthy eating plan as they’re so low in calories and filled with wholesome nutrition.

2. Get Grab-And-Go Fruit For Snack Options


Speaking of snacks, this is another opportunity to get healthy food into your diet plan. Rather than snacking on conventional high calorie items that are very processed and full of sugar, why not try fruit?

There are many ‘grab and go’ fruit options that will fit the bill perfectly, giving you the wholesome nutrition that you need. Apples, oranges, bananas, pears, and peaches all work beautifully and will ensure that you’re not going to be hungry a few hours after you consume them.

3. Prepare Your Own Health Smoothies


It’s also a smart idea to prepare your own health smoothies whenever you can. Rather than ordering from your local smoothie bar, which easily packs in a huge serving of sugar, try your own home made version.

Try a Strawberry Protein Smoothie by blending together some rice protein powder, water, raw strawberries, and a little almond butter.

You’ll have a nutrient dense smoothie in seconds that can easily replace a snack at any point during the day.

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4. Serve Salad As An Appetizer


It’s also a wise move to serve salads as an appetizer whenever you can as well. Rather than snacking on something high calorie before dinner or eating bread, which is what most people do alongside their meal, try some fresh greens.

These are so low in calories you don’t even need to count them in your day (do be sure that you count the dressing they are served with however!) and will also provide a powerful source of antioxidants.

Prepare large bowl of salad and eat it throughout the week, cutting back on how much total prep time is needed.

5. Swap Sandwiches For Pitas


Another great way to incorporate healthy eating into your diet plan is to trade out your usual sandwich for a pita instead. While sandwiches can be made healthy, the problem is that it’s hard for them to contain as much nutrient-packed vegetables as is ideal.

Instead, try a pita. You can stuff a great dose of vegetables into a pita pocket along with your lean source of protein and you’ll typically get fewer carbohydrates with this option as well. Check out these healthy Broccoli Tofu Pitas.

Be sure to choose a whole wheat pita and you’ll also get more fiber there as well.

6. Add Homemade Salsa To Everything


If there’s one condiment that you want to have in your diet plan, salsa is it. Home made salsa is perfect as it’s loaded with antioxidants and fiber from the fruit and/or vegetables it contains.

Plus, it works great with just about everything. You can serve it on top of a baked sweet potato, add it on top of your grilled protein source, or even add it alongside the scrambled eggs that you made for breakfast that morning.

Take some time on a weekend to prepare your homemade salsa and it’ll last you for a few weeks ahead as it easily keeps well in the fridge.

7. Add Lemon To Water


One major part of eating healthy that you must be considering is proper hydration. Most people put all their attention towards the foods they are eating, which is good, but if you aren’t drinking enough or are drinking the wrong liquids, it can have a very detrimental impact on your progress.

You simply can’t go wrong with water as far as your nutrition is concerned. Water is pure and healthy for the body and will help cleanse your system, removing any excess toxic build-up.

If you grow tired of plain water quite quickly, consider adding a few slices of lemon to a pitcher. Let it sit for a few hours and you’ll have a refreshing beverage on your hands.

The added benefit of this is that lemon will actually help to alkalinize your body, which offers a number of excellent health benefits.

8. Stir-Fry On Busy Weeknights


Finally, the last habit you’ll want to get into to ensure that you are bringing healthy eating into your life is to stir-fry on the busy weeknight’s. If you only have a few minutes to cook, stir-fry’s are excellent as they can be made in a matter of minutes and are a great way to bring your total vegetable intake up.

Simply dice some fresh vegetables (or use pre-cut if you are really busy) and stir-fry them in a little olive oil, some low sodium soy sauce, and some freshly minced garlic and ginger.

Add whatever protein source you desire and then serve this, such as the Chicken Stir Fry, all as-is if you are reducing your carb intake or over a bed of brown rice.

So there you have eight simple steps to bring healthy eating into your diet meal plan. Use these tips and you’ll be on track to eating better.