5 Approaches to Staying Motivated AFTER Real Life Sets In


5-approaches-bIt’s been two weeks since we welcomed a new year and for many, that means two weeks of working on New Year resolutions. We at ETM aren’t the biggest fans of these particular resolutions, but hey, if that’s the day you’re going to change things up for the better, awesome!


How’s it going?

Are you crushing your goals? If not, are you still on track? If not that either, do you still think about your goals every day?

If your answer was “no” to anything above, it’s time to regroup. The energy and hype that surrounds the New Year doesn’t last forever. But you know what lasts much longer? A thoughtful, compassionate and flexible approach to change. Consider these five ways of approaching your long term goals the next time you feel your motivation waning.

Write a Love Story

You know that feeling when you’re utterly smitten with something and you can’t get it off your mind? Imagine how consistently you’d work toward your goal if you were just slightly obsessed with it, but in a good way! That giddy feeling waking up, the spring in your step, the daydreaming… Maintaining that light hearted, sparkly feeling about your goals, your journey and your progress can keep the experience from feeling like a chore. So, post notes on your fridge. Keep a little notepad with you to jot down your daydreams. Heck, start your own blog about it that celebrates your successes! The more you keep those feelings of affection for yourself and your journey kindled, the better.

Think Flexible

When plans go pear-shaped, flexibility is your best friend. There will be a million potential roadblocks and diversions on your path to success. The worst part is that all the preparation in the world can’t save you from them, but not a single one of them means the end of your journey. The best defense here is a flexible mind set that is prepared for disruptions and ready to pivot, pause or start over if needed. Perhaps your current meal plan didn’t account for a weekly trivia night at your local bar, or your in-laws showing up unannounced. Whatever the obstacle or setback, flexibility will keep you resilient and get you back on track quickly.

Be Forgiving

You bailed on your daily meal plan. You didn’t even check in to see what the ETM generator had in store for you today. Carbs, dairy, sugar, fats, and anything else you’ve been working to avoid or limit was fair game for a while.

That’s fine.

Yes, it’s all good. Just like the intermittent and unavoidable pockets of chaos that throw us off our game, being human comes with unavoidable realities including messing up and giving up. When it happens, the value of forgiving yourself and moving forward can’t be overstated. Brooding over failures and mistakes is a great way to keep yourself in one place (who wants that?) You’re human, and therefore, imperfect. Sh*t happens. Learn from it, praise yourself for the progress you DID make and keep going.

Remember Perspective

It’s unlikely you started off the year with a goal that screamed, “I’m lofty, outrageous and based entirely on fantasy! Good luck reaching me!” Hopefully your goal was based on making measurable and reasonable progress instead. This is the unsexy part of reaching goals – they can be boring to work on. Small steps add up to enormous gains, but only if they are repeated over and over again. This is where a healthy sense of perspective comes in. You’re not going to turn into a supermodel overnight. Following the right macros for one week will not turn you into a powerlifter. Don’t underestimate the power of the steps you take, even if they seem insignificant in the moment.

Ask For Help

This might be the most important approach of all, and perhaps the hardest to do. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength and devotion to your goals.  Maybe your roommate/significant other keeps buying junk food or your coworkers just won’t stop bringing in donuts. Sometimes we need a little help from those around us to stay on target, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for it outright. Even on days when you’re not feeling psyched about putting in the effort any more, a word of encouragement is never far off. The entire team here at Eat This Much is always around to support you in your efforts. Questions, thoughts and stories of success or failures are always welcome.

Keep working toward your goals; we believe in you!