Why New Year’s Day Resolutions Are Dumb

Don't get washed away by the New Year hype.
Don’t get washed away by the New Year hype.

It’s only three weeks away. New Year’s Day. You know what that means.


The overwhelming and unavoidable surge of self improvement, weight loss, bad-habit-dropping hysteria coming at you from all directions. An onslaught of unsolicited advice and promotional “education” spewed not only by all forms of media, but often by well meaning friends and family, too. Gyms get packed and health products sell out, all in the name of this one day of the year.  It caps off an already stressful time of year with high expectations for big personal changes.

Don’t get me wrong – the New Year can kick off an incredibly productive time for some. And by some, I mean the mere 8% of us that will actually reach our goals.

So why do we do this every year? Facing a bad habit or personal goal head on is difficult enough as it is. The process of changing requires energy, planning and lasting dedication. If you party on New Year’s Eve, do you ever really feel like waking up early the next morning and going all out on a new diet?

Consider this plan instead: START TODAY.

Think about it. What’s the difference between Jan 1 and December 12, December 19, or August 15th, for that matter? With the exception of the timing of holidays, not a whole lot. You certainly aren’t much different during those specific 24 hours. So start today. Yes, it’s that easy.

  • Write down your ideal weight and all the reasons why you want to get there.
  • Take inventory of your fridge and pantry to examine the food choices you’ve been making.
  • Go to bed and wake up a little earlier.
  • Sign up for the online class you’ve been thinking about.
  • Say hello to that sexy guy or gal you’ve had your eye on.
  • Try a recipe or food you’ve never had before. 

The life and physique you want is yours for the taking no matter what day it is. Don’t get caught up in the New Years Resolution hype just because the Internet told you “it’s time” to better yourself, pick new goals and make enormous changes.

The joys and satisfaction that come with improving yourself belong to you. Every. Single. Day. Of the year.

(Ps. Don’t let this note stop you from kicking off an amazing year on January 1st. If that’s the day you decide to empower yourself to go after your goals, awesome. Everyone here at Eat This Much is rooting for you.)

So here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017, full of great accomplishments, and, of course, healthy meals. Cheers!