Saving More With Our Winter Sale


saving-more-headerIt’s great that our annual Winter Sale saves you over 40% on a Premium Eat This Much Membership, but really, the sale is about much more than saving money.

It’s about saving time.

The features you unlock with a Premium Membership take so much thought and effort out of meal planning, you’ll be left with extra time on your hands. Consider the following:

When you can plan an entire week of meals at once, you don’t have to cook every single day. Doing all your cooking and prepping once or twice during the week means you have more free time to work on a new skill, like flipping tires.

When your entire Grocery List and Pantry are managed for you, you’re left with more energy to practice juggling with basketballs.

When you can plan for Leftovers throughout the week, you’re saving time (and money) by having meals ready to go, so you can build this sweet bike set up at your desk.

What will you do with all that extra time? Upgrade your Eat This Much Membership to Premium and let us know!