Mastering Meal Planning Part 5: Using Your Time Effectively


If you’ve taken your time with this guide over a couple of weeks, you should know that by the time you get to this chapter, we’ll have been discussing nutrition and diet strategies for longer than the average diet lasts.

Let that sink in.

Fad diets are a profitable industry because they come and go so quickly due to their unsustainable recommendations. Many people buy into one, try it for a week, give up, then move on to a new one. The root of the problem lies in our eagerness to focus on the far off distant goal and not the smaller steps we need to take to get there.

This truly highlights the fact that what you do within a minute, afternoon or single day can easily distinguish between success and failure in the long run.

It’s important to ask yourself some questions: How well have you been using your time lately to reach your goals? Are you simply researching nutritional info and diets or are you creating and following a plan that includes reasonable, healthy, goal-oriented meals? Have you taken a few moments to objectively observe yourself when you’re making meal and snack choices throughout the day? Are you setting yourself up for success by thinking ahead and preparing snacks or meal in advance? When you commit to a new meal plan and a broader goal of eating better, it’s often the little changes and choices that make the biggest difference.

As you think about how to use your time more effectively, remember that Eat This Much is here to help. From the daily and weekly generators to the blocked foods list and the huge database of branded and restaurant foods, Eat This Much makes it easier to stay on track. If you haven’t checked out all these features yet, log in right now or start your free trial.

Use your time wisely and give yourself all the support you can. If you have any questions, let us know at We got your back!

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