Mastering Meal Planning Part 3: Strategies to Eat the Way You Want


Have you heard this quote before?

“In a sense, you do have an angel and a devil sitting on your shoulders. We need the angel to be salient, because in the moment, it’s often easier to listen to the devil.”

– Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School

This applies to the process of changing your diet, doesn’t it? That’s because taking the easy route is always, well, easier. But if you want to eat the way you want, i.e., reach your nutritional goals, you’ll need to plan ahead. Here are some broader strategies for staying prepared and motivated on your journey so you aren’t as easily swayed to take the easy route.

Remove obstacles before you run into them

As we mentioned in our last email, Recurring Foods are the perfect defense against a variety of circumstances that could throw you off course. Learning to recognize potential threats to your progress in advance will ensure you don’t have to rely on willpower or quick thinking alone to stay on track. Whether it’s Sunday brunch, a vacation away or a three day conference that leaves you without access to your kitchen, preparation is the best defense.

Give yourself time to make the right choices

Making your nutrition and diet goals a priority requires setting aside some time. Failing to plan here can be just as bad as choosing to eat poorly. Some find great success by taking one day a week to prep all their meals. Others take time in the morning each day. The time you devote to planning your meals and reflecting on your progress and choices will pay off big time.

Make your adjustments as specific as possible

“Eat something healthy” sounds great, but it’s not very clear. “Have leftover salad for lunch” is much more concise and therefore, much easier to do. This strategy is all about avoiding that “put on the spot” feeling when you don’t have a clear path in front of you. When that path isn’t clear, it’s way too easy to go in the wrong direction.

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